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Custom Designs
OBM Captain America by SmexyHajiSan
OBM J.A.R.V.I.S by SmexyHajiSan
OBM10 Dean Winchester by SmexyHajiSan
AthenaMyth GRP by SmexyHajiSan
Athena Myth Foal Design by SmexyHajiSan
OBM Lady In Blue by SmexyHajiSan
Custom designs for any natural breed of dog, horse, pig, cow, or otherwise. Custom designs to not include fantasy breeds of any kind.
Title Images
3rd Champion Registry RNG Show by SmexyHajiSan
WolfRunsKennel's RNG Show by SmexyHajiSan
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Frolic In The Snow by SmexyHajiSan
Baths Suck by SmexyHajiSan
Unicorns Aren't Real... by SmexyHajiSan
Get Rid Of The Balls by SmexyHajiSan
Getting Into The Saddle (P1) by SmexyHajiSan
You've Pissed Me Off. by SmexyHajiSan
Greyscales will only come in tones of grey and will retain a bit of a sloppy, sketchy feel.
Out Of Commission by SmexyHajiSan
Return Of The King by SmexyHajiSan
Spanish/Prussian Love by SmexyHajiSan
Headshots can include a simple background or a transparent one. Limit two characters in each picture.
Stable/ Kennel maps
Once In A Blue Moon Stables Map by SmexyHajiSan
OBM Stable Blueprints by SmexyHajiSan

Maps include basic layouts and landmarks, as well as roads and a legend to make identifying structures easy.


Blueprints include the layout of the structure requested, as well as any rules or details the requester desires.

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I'm The HERO!!! by SmexyHajiSan
Boys Just Wanna Have Fun by SmexyHajiSan
Welcome To Paradise... by SmexyHajiSan
We Have A Problem... by SmexyHajiSan
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Stormy Weather by SmexyHajiSan
Working Forward by SmexyHajiSan
Bye Bye, Sayonara! by SmexyHajiSan
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Godsent by SmexyHajiSan
Happy Birthday Tom! by SmexyHajiSan
Raised From Perdition by SmexyHajiSan
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OBM is an official HARPG Registered Stable

Once in a Blue Moon Stables sits on 500 sprawling green acres full of lush fields, forests, and water. We have 2 stables with over 200 stalls and dozens of open pastures and natural trails to explore at ones leisure. Our facilities are top notch and go beyond traditional methods with everything from Grand Prix training rings to our huge indoor arena. Our trainers and staff live for the horses, and have been raising the best ever in the state of Illinois since December of 2012.

We strive to breed and show only the greatest of mounts. We specialize in lively Paso Finos, the noble Chevalier, and the hardy Scouting Legion Horse.

Our horses compete in Dressage, Western Events, Jumping, Working Equitation, Field Trials, and Hunting. We use both old and new training methods and a gentle hand to get our mounts in peak condition for all of their competitions and tests.

OBM also possesses it's own winery and vineyard and makes it's own array of fine wines for the customer's pleasure.

So please, enjoy your stay at OBM, where we do the usual, unusually well.


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My favorite stories are when some bad owner lets their dog run free around the neighborhood and then they somehow get into a fight with a pit bull and conveniently, even when their witnesses proving that the pit bulls didn't start it, the one dog is a victim instead of an instigator and can't possibly be aggressive.

I just watched a court case involving some lady who's dog had escaped out of the house and had tried to start a fight with two LEASHED pit bulls that were walking down the street with their owners. Apparently the dog had escaped before but had never shown signs of aggression, as claimed by the owner. Well, the plaintiff in the case had gone to RESCUE the PIT BULL OWNER from this 25 pound shiba inu who was circling the two pits and was growling and barking. When the man went to pull the shiba away by the collar, the dog turned and bit him on the arm, causing 300 dollars in medical bills. After that one of the pits bit the dog on the toe and after he let go the dog ran off back to his owner.

Now, mind you, throught this whole thing the owner HADN'T EVEN LEFT HER HOUSE to go chase down her dog and bring him back. SHE SAW HIM LEAVE but didn't think to drop what she was doing right away to go get him. Instead she spent 20 minutes trying to find her keys and get her kids together, calling the police to SEND THEM TO GO FIND HER DOG FOR HER.

Um, hello? I don't think police are responsible for the fact that you can't keep your dog contained.

And the best part is through the whole case, despite the fact that she hadn't been there on the scene, she claimed the plaintiff was a liar and her dog hadn't bitten him but it had been the pit bulls.


You weren't even fucking there but because there were two pit bulls it's ultimately them who bit the plaintiff? I'm pretty sure the man knows who bit him and it wasn't the black and white dogs but your squirrely little fucker who thinks he can go take on two dogs that are more powerful than him for no fucking reason.

Just because your breed isn't known for being aggressive, or doesn't have a bad rap, it doesn't fucking mean that your dog can't be aggressive. ANY DOG CAN BE AGGRESSIVE. In this case it was the Shiba and he lost a toe for it. The lady was totally trying to get the judge to blame it on the pit bulls so she wouldn't have to pay up. Oh, and did I forget to mention that she didn't even follow up with the plaintiff and ask him what had happened? Even in the police reports she STILL refused to believe him and insisted that it was the pit bulls fault.

Fucking ignorant.

Anyway, I'm really proud that the pit bulls in this case weren't being charged with being the attackers and the fight hadn't turned into a mauling. They were leashed and in the end they only caused minimal damage but it was in reaction to the initial instigation. They didn't even bite the dog on the neck like I would've figured. Instead they bit ONE TOE and that was it. Sure, the Shiba had to have it amputated, but that's better than having massive trauma on their rap sheets. If that had been the case the pit bulls probably would've been labeled vicious and had to have been put to sleep.


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