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Its All In The Family: FCI Wk. 10 by SmexyHajiSan
Its All In The Family: FCI Wk. 10
Kaiser Kennel's Ferrari Maserati:
Kaiser Kennel's Apples and Smoked Gouda:
Kaiser Kennel's MayBach Excelero:
Kaiser Kennel's Bentley Rent Me:
Kaiser Kennel's Rolls Royce:
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: violence/gore)
Krieges were Tat’s life. Just like General and Winter, the giant dogs had captured her heart and interests without much effort and one dog had transformed into many over the course of time.

She liked the draft types the most. They reminded her so much of the powerful draft horse breeds and her first Kriege, Budweiser, had been the very likeness of the most famous of the drafts, the Clydesdales. He had been her gateway drug, so to speak, and after the stud’s arrival there had been a steady stream of other dogs following in his footsteps.
Her newest litter was just another notch.

Ferrari and Gouda had been a breeding in the making for a long time. Tat had wanted to start a line of champagne pups and when she had imported the two dogs she couldn’t have been happier with their conformation and coloring. Gouda had proven that she was a spectacular worker and conformation dog and Ferrari had provided her with an insight on just how regal the dogs could be. She made sure that both of them had good health and had proven themselves before she had bred them and the waiting for the litter had been a trying one.

But, once the pups had arrived, Tat knew instantly that there would be a big change in the game from thereon out. And it all had to do with the darkest pup out of the bunch.

Maybach Excelero, or Godzilla, as he was more fondly referred too, had stood out from his litter from the start. He had been the biggest, most vocal, and pushiest pup in the group. He had also been the one that most closely resembled his father, and he probably would have been an exact carbon copy if it weren’t for the stark skullcap marking. The facial mark didn’t mean anything though, as far as Tat was concerned. She could tell that this litter, specifically Godzilla, were different and she didn’t want to miss anything they had to offer. She was so sure of this, in fact, that she had turned down all buyers requests, telling every inquirer that they were simply too special to let go.
She was made right as the pups grew.

As the months passed, Godzilla showed his true colors as a dog of pure working ability and by age two he was without a doubt the gamest Kriege Tat had ever seen or heard of. He could do anything, and when presented with hunting animals he showed no fear and had a veterans’ knowledge of just how to tackle and deal the final blow to his quarry. His drive and intensity made him unique and while it was a great trait tp have in the breed, she also knew that it could be an accident waiting to happen if further training wasn’t put in place.

A dog like Godzilla, who weighed in at over 200 pounds and had a high prey drive and dislike for dosg that didn’t have manners, would easily make himself public enemy number one if he mauled or killed another dog, even if it was the other dog who started it. Tat didn’t want anything to happen and so she set out on mastering obedience training to go with his other skill sets.

Fate, however, had other plans.

On a brisk midwinter afternoon, Tat and Godzilla had chosen to go to town and visit one of the northern neighborhoods of the city. The small shops there had good food and other goodies and Tat had been hankering for a selection of Swedish candy that she couldn’t seem to find anywhere else except there.

The candy had been purchased shortly after arrival but Tat had decided that they could spare some time to take a walk down the street and window shop. There were all sorts of things to be found when you took the time to look, so she was more or less watching the various store windows rather than what was happening around her. She knew Godzilla was at her side, his heat warming her legs and his occasional movement of the leash with his gait proof of such, but she had no idea that there was trouble up ahead.

They approached a corner, intending to go straight. As they stepped out, however, a dog came shooting out of nowhere. It had no leash on, from what Tat’s confused brain made out before it went into fight mode as said dog made a lunge for her, jaws open and spittle flying.

The woman’s first instinct was to kick out, her shoe hitting the dog in the chest. She thought that the put would be enough to get it to leave but it only seemed to make the animal more angry as it rebounded before coming back, its clear intent to hurt.

Tat stumbled backwards onto the concrete as she tried to backpedal away and out of the reach, the dog pouncing on her shortly after. She screamed, unable to think of much else to do, and covered her face with her arms to protect herself. She didn’t think that she was going to get out of this without damage, and she prepared herself for the hurt, but instead felt the weight on her be ripped off and a scuffle between her attacker and what was surely her dog ensued.

The leash was jerked out of her hand as Godzilla grabbed the German Shepherd/Rottweiler mix and pulled it off his owner, shaking his head and victim violently in the name of her defense.  The mutt yelped and screamed, twisting and biting back. It managed to get free from Godzilla’s jaws when the kriege went to get a better grip and returned the punishment it had been dealt by biting his face.

Godzilla was not pleased when he found he was getting his nose and lip chewed on and he quickly sought to turn the tables. He reared and rammed the dog into a nearby wall, wrangling with him for freedom from his hold and when he had it he returned to dominating the fight.

Tat took a second to gather herself and when she saw what was going on, mere moments after the attack, she stood to pull her dog off. “Godzilla, stopp!” she yelled, fisting her hands in her dog’s scruff and collar and pulling. The stud did as told, but remained in a hold with the mutt, his jaws clamed tightly on the skin of the other dog’s neck. He growled lowly as the mutt squealed and bit at his ear and tried to mouth his eyes, scratching and tearing skin.

He was not letting go, apparently, and she couldn’t seem to find the right release word as the adrenaline went through her and made her both shaky and panicked over the situation. So, instead, she just heald her dog preventing him from finishing the job and the other dog’s owner eventually caught up with the situation in her car.

“Dibo!” the woman cried, bolting out of her car and running over. She grabbed her dog by it’s scruff ad pulled, screaming at Tat and kicking Godzilla to get the Kriege to release. Godzilla clamped down harder, growling in agitation as the woman kicked him in the head and nose.

“Let go!” the stranger screamed, terrified for her dog. “Let him go, you bastard! Get your stupid dog off!”

Tat shook harder as the situation mounted and tuned the woman out as she finally found her release word.”Godzilla, Loslassen!” she commanded, immediately pulling her dog away as he released the mutt and pulling him to the opposite side of the sidewalk, forcing him to sit and checking him for injuries.

He had a few lacerations, and his face was pretty chewed up. Upon closer inspection she found that Godzilla had fanged himself, but in all he was fine compared to the condition of the other dog who was now whimpering as he laid on the sidewalk, steadily bleeding all over the place from his injuries.

His frantic owner was screeching. “You hurt my dog!” she accused. “What kind of person just lets their dog maul other dogs?!”

Tat frowned, breathing hard as she struggled to calm herself. “He attacked me.” She replied, the steadiness of her voice surprising herself. “He came around the corner and lunged at me. Where were you?”

“You don’t have a scratch on you!” the other woman pointed out. “My dog didn’t do anything. He’s never attacked anyone before!”

“Well he attacked me. My dog is trained in protection; he doesn’t just attack for no reason. Your dog started it and he just did his job” Tat defended, shielding her dog with her arms. She petted Godzilla gently.

The woman fumed and screamed some more choice words before the police arrived and from there, things only got worse.

In the flurry of activity the other woman’s mutt died from shock, pronounced dead shortly after the police arrived. Witness statements were collected and as Tat cleaned up her dog and gave her own version of the story she had no clue that those who provided their witness statements claimed that it had been Godzilla who had started the fight, and apparently for no reason. They could only say that one moment they had been walking and then another dog came around the corner and the next thing they knew Godzilla had the “poor thing” in a death grip, shaking him like a rag doll. It was completely biased, as far as Tat was concerned. They hadn’t been the ones in the attack. She knew who had done it, and it had been the freaking dog who had bolted out of nowhere and tried to bite her face off, not her dog who was at least two times bigger and had been quiet at her side until drama started.

But no one else seemed to agree and two weeks after the incident Tat was being served with papers asking her to come to court on the account of her dog.
The Godzilla Chronicles P.1
The start of the Godzilla story.
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Kaiser Kennel's Bentley Rent Me by SmexyHajiSan
Kaiser Kennel's Bentley Rent Me


Full name:
 Kaiser Kennel's Bentley Rent Me
Call name: Leo
Breed: Deutsche Pferd Hund des Krieges
Gender: bitch
43 inches (at the shoulder)
Chain Weight: 200 lbs

Working Weight: 190 lbs

Type, Color, And Markings

Color: Dark Gold Champagne (ee/aa/ChCh/)
Markings: None
Type: Draft


Personality: What to say about Leo. Well, she's our gamest bitch in the yard, and our second gamest dog of all our Krieges. Seriously, this girl is beaten only by her sibling with her intense drive, gamness, and willingness to please. She is tenacious and determined, but again is remarkably controlled in her ability to pull back or quit upon command. She get's worked up really easy by commotion and the sight of work, so it's best to keep her calm or she'll react instantly. We've trained her so far to only get excited at the word "work" itself, so so far she's been pretty manageable.

She loves people and children, but she's not good around small pets unfortunately. Even with her advanced training, we don't trust her enough to be left around with small quick moving things at the moment. She also hates to be baited by other dogs and we've had to rescue smaller dogs who don't know their limits from her. This doesn't mean she's aggressive, and she's never bitten another dog, but she is easily provoked and is very dominant. Like her siblings, this bitch is supscious of strangers and is very alert of her surroundings, making her an excellent prospect for guarding and protection work. She likes to scare strangers by barking and charging the gate or fence, so out of all of her littermates she's the one who's most likely to engage a person right off the bat. Again, she's never bitten anyone, and hasn't jumped or tackled without order, but she's confident and shows no fear.

When she works, Leo is a hardhitter. She goes hard and puts her heart into whatever it is you make her do. She's not a beginner's dog, by any means, but she's perfect for working and we like that.

Hunting Ability

Scores 5 out of 5: Game and she knows it. She goes after prey like no one's business with confidence and great courage.

Titles: N/A

Conformation Scoring - BOOM Method (Bone, Overall Occupancy, and Muscle)

Scores 9 out of 10: Bone is thick and dense. Back is short, head is square, and muscle is smooth and intense. Her head may be a little bigger than preferred, but is not enormous. Very masculine looking.

Feathering: Excellent
Muscle: Excellent
Bone: Excellent
Color: Excellent
Coat: Excellent
Feet: Excellent

Bloodlines and Breeding - Papers at Kaiser-Kennels

Bloodline: 2nd Generation - WORKING SHOWLINE (Kaiser Kennel's Ferrari Maserati x Kasier Kennel's Apples And Smoked Gouda)
Discipline: Companion, Guarding, Shutzhund, Ring Sport, Hunde Tauro, Big Game Hunting, Boar, Bear
Breeding status: Closed Bullet; Red
Littermates: Kaiser Kennel's Rolls Royce and Kaiser Kennel's MayBach Excelero 
Bullet; Red




Pennhip: 0.28/17
OFA Hip Dysplasia: Good
Heart: Normal
Elbow Dysplasia: Normal
Eye Certification: Pass
Patellar Luxation: Clear
Thyroid: Normal

Social Stats

Dominance: 9
Independence: 9
Sound Reaction: 6
Sensitivity: 8
Pain Tolerance: 10
Assertiveness: 9
Curiosity: 9
Persistence: 9

Adaptability: 9

Possessiveness: 8

Aggression: 10

Drive: 10

Alertness: 10
Sense of Territory: 10


 By :iconkennel-club:

Ref: 5 points




Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Castiel BottleCap! by MissDudetteWinter BottleCap! by MissDudetteWasabi Icon by DanesippiMostly Male Characters by PlasticKatanaAssured Breeder Badge by Stiir

OBM is an official HARPG Registered Stable

Once in a Blue Moon Stables sits on 500 sprawling green acres full of lush fields, forests, and water. We have 2 stables with over 200 stalls and dozens of open pastures and natural trails to explore at ones leisure. Our facilities are top notch and go beyond traditional methods with everything from Grand Prix training rings to our huge indoor arena. Our trainers and staff live for the horses, and have been raising the best ever in the state of Illinois since December of 2012.

We strive to breed and show only the greatest of mounts. We specialize in lively Paso Finos, the noble Chevalier, and the hardy Scouting Legion Horse.

Our horses compete in Dressage, Western Events, Jumping, Working Equitation, Field Trials, and Hunting. We use both old and new training methods and a gentle hand to get our mounts in peak condition for all of their competitions and tests.

OBM also possesses it's own winery and vineyard and makes it's own array of fine wines for the customer's pleasure.

So please, enjoy your stay at OBM, where we do the usual, unusually well.


Russia: APH: I love Ivan Stamp by Chibikaede APH - Russia by BoundWithFoxBlood Nationality Stamp - Russia by MissBezz

Germany: APH: I love Ludwig Stamp by Chibikaede Hetalia: Germany by Wesker-Chick Nationality Stamp - Germany by MissBezz

England: APH: I love Arthur Stamp by Chibikaede APH - England by BoundWithFoxBlood Nationality Stamp - U.K. by MissBezz

France: APH: I love Francis Stamp by Chibikaede APH- France Stamp by HidanKakuzuPsychoGal Nationality Stamp - France by MissBezz

Netherlands: APH: I love Holland Stamp by Chibikaede Netherlands Stamp~ by SweetlyCanada Flag: Netherlands by TheStampKing

America: APH: I love Alfred Stamp by Chibikaede APH - America by BoundWithFoxBlood Nationality Stamp - America by MissBezz

APH: I love Berwald Stamp by Chibikaede Russia Stamp by Lindajing Hetalia Nordics Stamp by AkiraNoru APH - ITALYxJAPAN Stamp by leadervance Hetalia Loves Da Hate by awfullybad +Asia hare hare yukai stamp+ by BlackLadySango Su san Stamp by Soubixcos I'M THE HERO stamp by those-silly-demons Poke - Gerita stamp by Ludwig-Germany Stamp: American Heart by over-the-top APH - St Valentine GERMANIA by MiharaEmikoAPH Brotherly love - German version by Tea-Strawberrydududuu Gatsby by pandalovesmilk APH - Excited America by BoundWithFoxBlood APH - Germany by BoundWithFoxBlood China, I choose you by MrsHighwind Canada fight stamp by Julesie SuFin stamp by JulesieDeath or Yaoi Stamp by vdaymassacreYaoi Stamp by Clockwerk-chan
I'm making import sheets for those interested in getting one. I'm looking for ideas, however, so if you have anything you'd like to see in particular, post it here!

Kaiser-Kennels now LIVE 

No deviants said Go here for my Kriege art!
No deviants said Refs will be posted on my main account but the rest will go to the group~

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Thanks in advance!
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