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Featuring Reichenbach and Zecho (NPC)
Winter, Year 762
Blackwood, The Blackwood
Wordcount: 1087

"What are you doing?" Zecho's ever annoying and loud voice pipped, the grullo colt looking up at his mentor as he walked around the forest, eyes on the canopy above them.

Reichenbach, getting used to his charge's inability to shut his trap, kicked a hoof out at him but didn't not look at him. "Shut your mouth, colt," he said, distracted.

Zecho had gotten grazed by the kick, but not enough to hurt. Still, it reminded him more than Reichenbach's words that he needed to be quiet and carefully stayed out of kicking range to watch whatever it was the older stag was up too.

Reichenbach kept his gaze pointed upwards, watching the trees. Every so often there was a flickering in the dark, the flapping of wings ringing out in the silence.


There were many in Blackwood, their huge pines great for nesting. Often no one gave them a second glance, save if they were crows, which seemed to go hand in hand with all of their black magic. Yet, Reichenbach was keenly aware of all all the different types of birds and their many sizes.

He had a particular interest for the smaller ones in this instance, the shortage of food the winter had brought delving up ideas he had never tried himself, but had heard were possible through word of mouth. He watched as the creatures about flitted back and forth, aware but not worried of his presence.

The stag followed them slowly, neck starting to hurt from the awkward angle, but he wasn't willing to just give up because of about muscle cramp.

He zeroed in on a tree with a particularly large group of small birds within in, rearing up onto his hind legs to get a better look. The tree itself was younger, not nearly as tall as the rest around it, and it gave the stag a great opportunity.

Zecho tilted his head at his mentor as he stuck his head up in the branches of a sapling, confused. What in the world was he doing? What purpose did as tree have to them?

He was tempted to ask, and he opened his mouth to do just that when a horrific chirping started, the birds in the tree making a racket he had never thought they were capable of before.

"What's going on?!" he asked, panic rising as the birds got louder, their collective voices ringing out as angry and on the path for vengeance. Reichenbach did not answer him, but instead pulled his head down from the tree and turned to flee, leaving Zecho to play catch up.

The colt scrambled to follow the older fawnling, nearly tripping over himself to do so. As he righted himself something pecked him in the rump, exacting a yelp from the colt. He turned to see what it could be and found himself about to be victim to a swarm of angry sparrows, the small birds on the war path.

Zecho gapped, inching away, and then steadily running, screaming for his mentor as the birds followed, pecking him. "Reichenbach! Help me!"

No help came, however, and Zecho suffered the wrath if many more angry dive bombs before he was in the clear, breaking the treeline and collapsing in a sorry heap before the stag who had left him.

Reichenbach glanced down at him, still heaving from his own run, but clearly in a better state than his charge. "You survived, I see," he mumbled, his mouth full.

Zecho scowled. "Why did you leave me back there?" he whined, ears pinned to his head. "The birds went crazy! They chased me!"

Reichenbach quirked a brow at him. "I don't see you missing any limbs," he pointed out. "Stop complaining."

The colt pouted some more, still put other about being left behind, but soon found himself distracted with what was in Reichenbach's mouth. "What are those?" he asked, getting back to his feet to get a better look.

Were those feathers?

The giant stag answered his charge's question by dropping his prizes, the limp bodies of two sparrows hitting the snow between them. He smirked. "Dinner."

Zecho must not have thought he was serious, for he didn't say anything until he had already dipped his head and grabbed one, gobbling it up. The reaction then was priceless.

The colt reared up, horror marring his face. "YOU EAT BIRDS?!" he screeched, not sure what to do with himself.

Reichenbach swallowed, mulling over the irony taste left on his tongue. Hm. Not bad. "It's food," he stated, glancing at the still shell shocked colt. "Does it matter if it's another animal?"

"But, it's a bird. Fawnlings don't eat birds!" Zecho protested, shaking his head. "Why would you eat a bird??"

Reichenbach rolled his eyes. Figured he'd be in charge of a colt who was a tree hugger.

"Do you see an abundance of food around here?" he growled, glaring at Zecho. "Do you think you live in Glenmore, where food grows no matter the season?"

Zecho stepped back some, lowering his gaze. "No, but-"

"Then stop being ungrateful." Reichenbach spat, his charge cowering at his tone. "You either starve or you survive. Now eat the bird or wait until spring comes to stuff yourself."

Zecho quivered some, keeping his head down low until he didn't feel as though Reichenbach was breathing fire down his neck. He then slowly inches towards where the bird lay, making a face slightly before closing his eyes and picking it up, hurriedly stuffing it in his mouth and chewing.

Reichenbach said nothing as his charge finally consumed the sparrow, simply standing there and waiting to see his reaction. The colt didn't immediately spit it out, or even look sick after he had stopped chewing. Perhaps he had taken a shining to it.

Zecho, meanwhile, contemplated what had just happened. Yes, he still felt wrong having to eat another animal... but, at the same time...

"It wasn't half bad..." he said, slowly, clearly surprised. He looked up at Reichenbach. "Do you eat them all the time?"

"No," was the elder stag's response. Reichenbach turned from him and started to walk, heading in the direction of the main hollow. "Only when I need too."

He said no more and Zecho didn't question it. The bird had stomped out the gnawing hunger in his gut for the time being so he decided that, if it was provided, he would eat it.

He didn't need to know it was Reichenbach's first time either.

You Eat Birds???
Featuring Reichenbach and Zecho (NPC)
Winter, Year 762
Blackwood, The Blackwood
Wordcount: 1087

+2 Speed - lit - 1000-1999

So apparently deer are the number one predators of nesting birds... Interesting fact.

Thought it would be fun to show this new discovery of mine in the form of Reichenbach being the little evil shit he is and eating a bird. Tasty.

Featuring Reichenbach and Zecho (NPC)
Winter, Year 762
Blackwood, The Blackwood
Wordcount: 1615

Reichenbach made his way through the forest, winding between the monstrous trees that towered above like titans. Somehow the stag had managed to shake the younger colt that had taken to sticking to his side like tree sap long enough to have time to himself, sending said fawn on the hunt for a flower so rare he would likely be gone for hours before he returned empty handed.

He had found it amusing that the twiglet was so willing to do as he asked, with little to no questions as to why he had to. It again marked his weakness, but was at least fun to take advantage of now and again.

The elder stag minded his step as he made his way deeper into the belly of the forest, most of the light from overhead blocked out by the canopy of persistent evergreens. He was on his way to his meditation spot, a place he went to to practice his magic undisturbed. His mother had shown it to him before she had left and he frequented it when he wasn't busy working on other things.

He stepped down a natural staircase of gnarled roots, walking into a small, natural basin of sorts where the snow had collected deeply. This dirt bowl was surrounded by trees, but lacked any in the middle, allowing Reichenbach a straight view of the sky.

The stag glanced upwards, the grey overcast of a cloudy day staring back at him. He pondered briefly if it might snow while he was here before going to the center and proceeding to dig down to the bare earth.

His hooves worked, snow being removed until the dark brown of frozen dirt showed enough where he could lay without chilling too badly. His massive bulk went down next, curling up neatly within the space.

Reichenbach closed his eyes once he was settled, the quiet of the frozen forest allowing him to retreat to his inner well of magic. It bubbled gently, growing more angry as he willed it forwards and out, wishing to summon the shirts around him.

Nothing came at first, the stag alone and still as a statue. Inside he was heavily at work, his black magic a blessing but not something easily tamed. Every time he thought it would break the surface it would slip back, slimy and taunting. He ground his teeth at it, annoyed but not deterred. Mother always had said that great magic would never just hand itself over to a stag. Those who wished to wield it had to earn it.

The dance continued, Reichenbach's determination unwavering as his magic dodged him over and over again. It was only after the snow that had started to fall had dusted him with a fine layer did he finally grasp it and haul it to the surface, throwing it out into the world.

He opened his eyes, the veil that shrouded the afterlife waning and he started to sort through the voices that called to him from the other side.

None of them were overly loud or commanded attention, all of them blending together in a ghostly form of white noise that filled his ears and numbed him further from the world of the living. His eyes had grown dark, wide as they stared at what others could not.

Flitting white forms danced before him, running, jumping, falling. They flickered in and out of his vision, small and large. He saw the spirit of a large stag, caught in a death loop. His fate was met by that of a wolf, dragging him down to where a tree now stood, mighty and tall. A doe, a fawn. They both froze in the night.

Death surrounded him, passed him by as acts from the past. He saw many more lives come to an end before something else caught his attention.

The spirits quieted, the white forms ran. Whatever that was coming had scared them, broke them from their dances and memories. He saw them all disappear, a fleeting voice telling him to run before it, too, left him.

He was alone, once again, but not for long.

The veil remained weakened, and behind it he saw the dark grow darker. Like fog it rolled towards him, blackening the trees and surrounding his still form. He stared, not sure what it was that had found its way to him in the wood, but he could not move, his trance so heavy he could only wait.

Something creeped forwards out of the murk, solid as he. One foot at a time it hauled itself out, the air growing dense; ominous.


A voice. It made bells go off in his head and chills run down his spine.

"Evil..." It continued, clearer now, as if the speaker was right in his ear. A sultry whisper. "Destined for greatness..."

The creature before him shifted, moving closer to him. It lifted it's head, a shadowy grin full of teeth and terror. The same one from The Shadowgrove.

Reichenbach felt fear grip him as he creature he had thought he would never see again inched closer, his body frozen in place. He could not move, he could not break free. He wasn't sure if it was because of his meditation or if it was because of the shadow before him, but he knew he didn't like it.

Still, he was forced to remain, the thing coming up to him until they were nose to nose. It stared at him without having eyes, searching his soul without flaying him physically. He felt violated. He felt not in control.

It's maw opened again, a sick grin splitting it's face in two. Reichenbach wasn't sure if it was going to speak, or if it might steal his breath right then and there. He could not ask, his mouth tightly shut, and even if he could he wasn't positive actual words would come forth. He may have just screamed.

But the creature had no chance to do anything, for a disturbance had shown itself outside of the clearing.

"Reichenbach! Reichenbach!"

A voice. A real one.

But who could be looking for him? He had no friends...



The demon snarled, the stag sensing it's anger. It glanced in the direction of the calling, and then back at Reichenbach himself. He swore he felt it's hot breath on his face before it threw itself at him, vanishing within an instant and releasing him from his trance.

The real world came crashing back down onto him then, crushing him with its burden. His lungs burned and he found himself gasping for breath, wheezing and shaking as he struggled to get to his legs, joints locked up from the cold.

Zecho came crashing through the clearing moments later, a bright white flower clenched between his teeth. He came over to his mentor once he saw him laying there, worry clouding his gaze.

"Are you okay?" The fawn asked, placing the plant down and pinning his ears in worry.

Reichenbach continued to gasp for air, struggling to get his body back under control. He forced himself to nod though, not wanting to appear weak, and laid there on his side for quite some time until he didn't feel quite so out of breath.

Zecho stayed by his side, moving once the larger stag moved to get to his feet. He wasn't sure what had happened but it didn't look as though it were anything good. He cautiously asked what was wrong, Reichenbach shaking his head. "Nevermind," the stag growled, coughing a bit as he forced his legs to bear his weight. "Why are you here?"

Zecho looked up a his mentor, not so sure he believed him, but then remembered he had found the plant he had asked for and picked it up to show him.

"I found it!" he said between clenched teeth, proud. "I found it by the mountain range. There were wolves but they didn't catch me." He quieted some, looking down. " is the right one, right?"

Reichenbach stared at the flower, unable to help but raise his eyebrows in surprise. He had sent Zecho on a wild goose chase for a starflower, and by Uir he had found it. The odds of such a feat were highly in favor of the fawn losing, yet he had prevailed, and, apparently, no worse for wear either.

"You found it..." The stag muttered, in disbelief. "And you didn't get eaten.. how..."

Zecho shook his head, not sure how or why, but he smiled, proud that he had done as asked and hadn't failed his mentor. It felt good to do right. Reichenbach was surely pleased.

The stag, however, had no real immediate use for such a flower or its bulb. He had just told Zecho to find it to be rid of him for a while. He had not expected him to return with one, or to outrun any wolves he had come across. Still, he had a feeling that if Zecho hadn't gotten lucky, he would've still be in trouble with that demon.

Zecho set the flower down in front of Reichenbach and the stag picked it up after a moment of contemplation. Seemed he had found someone worth keeping around, Zecho's apparent devotion to him something he didn't feel as though he should pass up. Still, he said no thank you to the fawn for his perilous errand, instead telling him to hurry up as he started back in the direction of the main herd. The colt proceeded, happy to do so, and trotted side by side the older stag, a new sense of worth blooming in his chest.
Dark Messages

Featuring Reichenbach and Zecho (NPC)
Winter, Year 762
Blackwood, The Blackwood
Wordcount: 1615

+2 Necromancy - lit - 1000-1999


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Reichenbach The Nefarious | Stag | Aspiring Witch by SmexyHajiSan

I need more skill points for my boy.

As such, I am calling on the stags of BW to kick my arrogant snake of a deer's butt!

Literally, I will take any stag on. Reichenbach needs to beef up his stats to win some old matches and to further the plot I have in my head for him. Sparring is fine too but he's not a very fair player and I don't think he'd tolerate holding back.

Medium Level to weaker level stags preferred for actual fights, medium to master for sparring. I won't turn down a fight from an advanced or master level stag, I just need to figure out what sorts of consequences would come from said endeavour.

Please note me if interested! I'm ready and able to start right away.

Shhhh.... Glenmores and Silverthorns can come too

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