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Featuring Reichenbach
Winter, Year 763
Blackwood, Reichenbach's meditation clearing

The scene before him was all too familiar, a distant memory brought back to the present and replaying in real time.

Fear, still present despite all he had done in the past year, clogged his throat, his mouth dry and tongue suddenly immovable. His muscles were also incapacitated, frozen still while his eyes, wide, watched what had him so deeply rooted to the spot within his mother's old magic practice grounds.

The spirit, the shadowy figure with a smile all too great and plagued his sessions, hovered before him. The air around them had dropped several degrees, frostier than it already was in the middle of winter. It leered at him, not saying anything, nor moving, but held him captivated none the less.

What did it want? Why did it follow him? Reichenbach had a thought that maybe it was the Mother’s work, a messenger sent  by her own hoof to tell him something. Granted, he had called upon it in purpose, just to see if it was real or not, and was regretting his decision.. The vibes the apparition gave him were nothing good. Still, why would a spirit such as this attach itself to him? Not that he didn't like the spirits… but his attempts at securing a spiritual familiar had only ended in failure before. Why would this time be different?

It remained before him, hovering as smoke like plasma rolled off and around its not quite transparent but not fully opaque form, shadowy teeth stretched far too wide across what Reichenbach assumed to be its face. He noted, with some humor, that he didn't feel as faint as he had the last time he and the creature had met, and that may have been what bolstered his courage, the stag stomping down the fear that had risen with its appearance and approached.

“Why do you follow me, spirit?” he asked. Around his neck, the antler shuddered in fear, the connection between him and Villix telling him more about this… thing. It was definitely dark, it's nature probably as black as its visual. It further served his curiosity.

The thing didn't respond to his question however, remaining still, and Reichenbach frowned at it. Well, how rude. It had the audacity to follow him everywhere, but it couldn't do so much as to answer him when he spoke to it. He pinned his ears and stomped a hoof against the crusty snow.

“You lowly-” he began to rant, anger making the words form.

And then it screamed.

Shrill and piercing Reichenbach was beside himself with surprise and fear at the sound, the voice piercing and defining and making his ears hurt. He rapidly backpedaled, the creature swooping after him like a crow, claw like appendages reaching for him. He gasped, trying to move faster, and his hocks hit a log, sending him tumbling backwards over it and into the snow. He landed with an oof, the spirit missing him by inches overhead but circled back, still screaming it's deafening screech. He panicked, flailing his legs to roll over and get them under him and tripped a few times in his haste.

When his legs finally seemed to want to cooperate he ran, bolting through the trees but couldn't escape the thing that followed him, it's energy and cold hot on his heels.

He panted, the snow slowing him down as it grew deeper in some places, and he nearly twisted his knee falling into a basin in that had been filled with snow, the frozen stuff suddenly up to his belly. It made his panicked rise and he struggled to run but couldn't, the creature on him in no time flat and striking a deeper sort of fear into him, one that would be installed into him forever.

It screamed at him, too close for comfort, and Reichenbach regretted making it upset, paralyzed as he waited to either have his soul stolen or something else.

You will respect us, the spirit bellowed, finally stopping it's shriek but scaring the shit out of the stag even more as it proved to be intelligent. We are more powerful than you could ever hope to be!

Reichenbach gulped. “We?” he asked, a tremor to his voice.

The spirit linked at him, then circled, voice taunting as it hissed, We are the spirits of the greatest, bonded together by the Mother. We are all powerful, in life we were great, but in death we are greater!

You will listen to us, for we see potential in your talents.

Reichenbach looked up at the creature, shuddering, but all at once intrigued. “What do you mean? What do you want from me?”

We want you.

Him?! The giant was suddenly at a loss for words, trying to comprehend what was being asked of him. The spirits wanted him? What for? Why? Did they want his soul? Did they want his body? He shook with the images of being taken over by their ghostly wulls, not being in control of anything. He didn't want that, not at all.

He shook his head, impulsive, and the ghost hissed, shadowy fangs lengthening.

Foolish stag! You wish to be king, do you not?!

“I do, but-”

Silence!! Another deafening scream had Reichenbach cowering into the snow, the brute shutting his trap and just praying for it to be over, muttering a plead under his breath. The ghost continued. You will join us, lend us your body and become a force so powerful no one can stop you. When you fight the king he will fall under your hooves as easy as you crush the snow beneath your hooves.

They wanted to help him? Reichenbach felt that the proposition was too good to be true, peeking up at the spirit again. True, he wanted to win his eventual battle with Skoll, but he wasn't sure binding with Demons was going to be the smartest way to go about it.

“... What do you want in return?”

The ghost grinned, it's face split in two once again and when it spoke it's voice had lowered to an enchanting purr.

Chaos. The heads of all who defy you. Make the blood of your enemies, of Blackwood, stain the rivers red! It floated closer, Reichenbach frozen as it's rubbed against him like an affectionate pet, winding around his neck and whispering in his ear. You alone can do this. You are designed for greatness, as we are.

The antler around his neck pleaded, Villix inside his head begging him to say no, to leave the spirit alone and get away as fast he could. But he didnt. He moved not a muscle, the promises of fulfilling the duty of bringing his home victory over all of those who had caged them all he could think of. He imagined himself at the forefront of a battle, the loyal followers of his command taking down the swine of other nations, raiders pillaging dens and the screams of the wrong doers soothing, like a mother's lullaby.

Yes… this was right. They were right. He could do this.

He had too.

“What do I have to do?”

The spirit slipped off his neck, hovering in front of him again as he stood to his feet, no longer afraid. Make us a charm.

A charm? That wasn't too hard. Reichenbach nodded and proceeded to search for an appropriate vessel, finding a skull of a bear, picked clean by worms and other insects. He made sure it was clean before taking a hold of the spirit, which was much easier to control than expected. He supposed it was only because he had its permission to be put inside and he was grateful he didn't have to fight with it.

Slipping it into the skull, he sealed it, watching with fascination as the empty holes that once held eyes glowed a deep red before becoming empty once more. Reichenbach waited for more instruction, not sure what to do next or how he was to brandish his new treasure, but was lulled forwards as the object spoke to him through their connection, instructing him to flip the skull over and fit it on his face.

Carefully, with some struggle, Reichenbach did as told, soon lifting his head and seeing through, the skull fitting him like a glove.

You will do well… was the final words the spirit spoke before Reichenbach was left alone, nothing but his own thoughts and the tremors of Villix’s energy to let him know it all hadn't been some crazy dream.
A Deal With The Devil
Reichenbach becomes best buds with his spirit stalker. Note, it's probably not going to end well.

Also, this is not a blessing or anything. Reichenbach is just getting mixed up with the wrong types of spirits and isn't quite as intelligent or foolproof as he likes to think he is.

+2 Possession - lit - 1000-1999 words


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Herp. Well, this is another ad for coloring services. Long story short, I have no access to a coloring program and therefore I need people to help me out.

You'll be coloring a lineart that I commissioned for my personal use. Its equine related, and I have all the designs I want done either in my favorites or written down so people have an idea of what I want.

Those who wish to do this must be good at photoshop and have a basic understanding of horse colors and patterns (how they flow, interact with other factors, ect.). I'll be more than happy to help those who need a little fine tuning, but I only expect confusion for the designs without a clear picture.

Please note or comment if interested!

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